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NAPHN16 Program

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The conference program is organized around 7 themes:  ECONOMICS, COMMERCIAL, POLICY, QUALITY CONTROL, RESIDENTIAL, RESILIENCE and SYSTEMS.  Note that retrofits and new construction are addressed across the themes, as are real world experience and data collection. 

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June 13


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Welcomes Attendees

Welcomes Attendees
Welcomes Attendees

Passive House Policy is City Policy: Reports from Vancouver, New York and Brussels
Chris Higgins
City of Vancouver
Joke Dockx
Brussels Environnment
John Lee
NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability
Vancouver and New York City are now implementing policies and programs to actually achieve deep carbon reduction goals. Brussels, Belgium is a global leader in its second year of mandated Passive House construction for all new builds and substantial renovations.  Hear reports on the accomplishments, struggles and future plans by the public officials charged with making it all happen.

Deep Data from 2015 Solar Decathlon Winner
Ed May
AJ Elliot
Chris Hamm

Clarke Snell
Stevens Institute
The Stevens Institute of Technology team's SURE HOUSE won the 2015 US DOE Solar Decathlon - a resilient Passive House designed to withstand coastal flooding on the New Jersey shore.  In the process the team gathered an extraordinary amount of performance data and have done the analytics to make it instructive.

Thermal Bridge Free Detailing: New Certified Facade Systems & Evolving Approaches
Tessa Smith
Artisans Group
Jesse Thompson
Kaplan Thompson Architects

Alejandra Nieto &
Shawn Torbet
Roxul Inc.

Effective and affordable thermal bridge free detailing is a critical aspect of making any successful Passive House building.  See evolving approaches for residential construction on the East and West coasts.  And see new PHI certified facade system details for up to 12" of continuous insulation on residential and commercial buildings.

10:00am Break

Next Steps in Passive House Performance: Passive House Institute, Commercial Retrofits & Passive House Plus
Jessica Grove-Smith
Witta Ebel

Passive House Institute
The Passive House Institute has led global low-energy building efforts for over 20 years. Today, retrofits and the integration of renewable energies are critical policy tools. Based on case studies, old and new, find out about monitored long-term performance of Passive House projects and about the latest developments with respect to retrofit strategies and recommendations for renewables to reach the new Plus and Premium certification, both for residential and for commercial buildings.

Value Engineering You Can Believe In: Making Passive Houses Cost Effective
Nick Grant
Elemental Solutions

Cost optimization is an integral part of optimizing Passive House building design and construction - putting value engineering squarely in the process and not as a reaction to cost. See effective value engineering strategies developed from lessons learned in making several institutional projects.

Never Too Cold: Passive Houses Up North
Jesper Kruse

Maine Passive House
Erik Olofsson
E. Olofsson Construction Inc
Passive House was born in heating dominated climates - but when the weather hits 30 degrees below zero, realizing the standard takes on new urgency and meaning. See specific projects, and the lessons learned in the harsh climates of the Maine and British Columbia interiors.


11:15am Break

Passive Housing Policy: in New York City & across North America
Eric Wilson
New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD)

Tim McDonald
Temple University

Tim McDonald is leading a game changing campaign to encourage Passive House adoption by state housing agencies from New York to Oregon called the PHFA Project.  Find out what the project is all about and get a progress update. At the local level New York City is taking concrete steps toward making its affordable housing Passive. Deputy Commissioner Hernandez will provide a close look at how HPD is leading the way.


Making Passive House Your Professional Practice
Michael Ingui
Baxt Ingui
Kevin Brennan
Passive House Academy
Cramer Silkworth

It is said that once you do a Passive House it is hard to go back to conventional approaches. But how can Passive House be normalized and made integral to professional practice? Learn by the example of an architect, engineer and building science consultant as they work through the processes, details and systems in a series of New York City Passive House retrofits.                        

Passive Software Tools SketchUp and PHPP9: Think in 3D, Calculate Payback and Optimize for the Renewable Future
Dylan Lamar
Green Hammer
Andre Harrmann

Harrmann Consulting
Today designPH and PHPP version 9 are critical tools essential to delivering on the predictability and performance of Passive House. Learn how to leverage the power of integrated 3D design through the designPH plug-in. And learn how PHPP9 can empower you to smartly integrate renewables and make cost effective building construction choices.

12:30pm Lunch

Passive House Strengthens the Bottom Line
Scott Short
Ryan Cassidy
Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, Inc.
Adam Cohen

Can Passive Houses make money?  From multi-family to commercial buildings - from New York, to Virginia - see specific examples of upfront and operating costs, how these costs structures are changing the building financing conversation and why these property owners and practitioners see Passive House as helping future business success.

Design, Meet Passive House: Beautifully
Jonah Stanford
Andrew Michler
Alan Barlis
Barlis Wedlick Architects
Jordan Dentz
Levy Partnership
Bill Ryall
Ted Sheridan
Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects
Beauty and capital A Architecture need not be lost in endless conversations about thermal bridging and blower door tests. See how three teams meet Passive House energy standards with equal success in achieving place making aesthetics from Vermont to New Mexico.

Passive Builds Resilience: From Baltimore's Inner City Community to the Long Island Sea Shore
Andreas Benzing
Andreas Benzing Architect
Michael Hindle
Passive to Positive

Resilience is mutli-faceted, including extreme weather, flooding, black-outs and economic and social justice.  The award winning scheme b-More Resilient for Baltimore takes on all the issues - proposing a resilient community with Passive House as the catalyst and core.   And since Superstorm Sandy, the front line of resilience is in the rebuilding of our seashore.   See how a home located in a Freeport Long Island FEMA flood zone is designed and built to withstand the next extreme weather event.




New York's Next Generation of Multifamily Housing
Loic Chappoz
Dean Zias
Greg Hale
Office of the Governor of New York State
New York State is launching an initiative to create a large private sector-driven deep energy retrofit market for multifamily buildings, which will transform the State's existing housing stock into next generation buildings, at scale, beginning with the affordable housing sector. This design-build competition was announced in Governor Cuomo’s 2016 State of the State Policy Book as part of an objective to bring deep energy retrofits to at least 100,000 affordable housing units by 2025, and is subject to formal approval by the New York State Department of Public Service. NYSERDA will also present its multifamily High Performance Offering that will create new opportunities for cutting edge building owners and energy professionals to demonstrate deep energy retrofit possibilities in existing multifamily buildings.

Canadian Fire Station, Irish Pharmacy & Chilean Bank:
Passive is Commercial Building
Stuart Hood
Integral Group
Paul McNally
The PassivHaus Architecture Company
Marcelo Huenchuñir, ARQUIAMBIENTE LTDA
Bill Uhrich

Simcic Uhrich Architects
Commercial buildings pose new challenges to many Passive House practitioners - challenges shared around the world.  Find out lessons learned and lessons being learned from a Canadian fire station, a pharmacy in Ireland and a Chilean bank building: the planning, the execution and the results.

Get Certified: The Pathway To Success
Tad Everhart
Certifiers Cooperative
Tomas O'Leary
Passive House Academy
Andrew Peel
Peel Passive House Consulting
Dieter Herz
Herz & Lang
Project certification is a proven process that ensures predictable high-performance results.  Hear from the Certifiers Circle - Passive House certifiers working collaboratively in North America - on key hurdles and considerations, from single family buildings to high-rise multi-use buildings.  Clear-up common misconceptions and get your questions answered.

3:45pm Break

Making Big Work: From NYC High Rises to the American Prairie
Ilana Judah
Daniel Piselli

Josephine Zurica
Dagher Engineering
Jonathan Arnold, CEO,
Arnold Development Group

US industry is in a critical phase, as large Passive House building projects are being developed, and new questions arise as to the challenges and opportunities.  NYSERDA funded a detailed study led by FXFOWLE to examine these questions in NYC mixed-use high rise development.  And the Arnold Development Group is building a super-sized Passive multi-family project in Kansas City.  Find out what makes big projects work.

Cost Optimized & Financed Passive House in NYC
Jeremy Shannon
Build With Prospect
Chris Diamond

A prolific Passive House builder, Jeremy Shannon provides comprehensive and real project costs of Passive House retrofits in Brooklyn compared to conventional renovation costs. NYCEEC has financed Passive House projects and has learned to better underwrite and streamline the lending process for PH projects. Chris Diamond shares how they are reducing the risk and getting comfortable with underwriting energy savings.

Ventilation Performance: Testing & New High Volume Options
Andrew Peel
Peel Passive House Consulting
Salvatore D'Auria
Ventacity Systems Inc

Passive House ventilation performance testing is not well understood and options for high volume ventilation units have been missing in the US market. Learn what makes ventilation test results meaningful and useful - and how to be sure you're getting the right numbers. And discover an important new option in high-volume ventilation units for bigger buildings.

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Conference Dinner

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Das Biohaus

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June 14


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 9:00am Creating the 21st Century Workforce Required for Post-Carbon Era Building
Martha Kanter
New York University
Passive House buildings drive down power consumption and enable a 100% renewable power supply. To create a passive building industry equipped to lead the marketplace, a 21st century workforce educated in passive building science is required. New knowledge and skills will be developed for building design, engineering, construction, maintenance and equipment manufacturing.  We must retrain the existing workforce, while primary schools, colleges and trades programs produce new career-ready graduates to make our post-carbon world.
10:00am Break

Large Scale Passive House Retrofits                  
Sebastian Moreno-Vacca
Julie Torres Moskovitz

Large scale retrofits are a critical piece of the decarbonization puzzle. See how leading practitioners are successfully realizing large scale residential, commercial and mixed-use Passive House retrofits.

Pre-Designed & Pre-Fabricated: Retrofits & New Construction
Chris Corson
Enrico Bonilauri
Emu Building Science

Pre-designed and pre-fabricated enclosure elements and systems are gaining acceptance as the demand for Passive House and high performance grows. See how PHI Certified enclosure systems; one by a Maine based manufacturer and another by an Italy based producer are pushing the boundaries of what is possible forward.               

Towards a localized Passive House 'Vernacular' in North America                         
Bronwyn Barry
One Sky Homes
Lukas Armstrong
Cover Architectural Collaborative Inc.
Passive House is a global standard that's realized in different locations utilizing a variety of assemblies and strategies. See project clusters in Palo Alto California and Western Canada, two vastly different climates - to see what they have in common and how they've chosen to meet the Passive House standard. The differences and similarities between these projects may intrigue and surprise you.

11:15am Break

Multifamily Housing: Affordable & Market, Ottawa & NYC
Sonia Zouari
Sonia Zouari Architect
Lisa Ker
Chris Benedict
Chris Benedict Architect

Mulitfamily housing has long been at the forefront of Passive House development - both affordable housing and more recently market rate. At the forefront of innovation is a metal framed social housing building in Ottawa and a market rate concrete building in Manhattan. See the details, systems and processes.


Passive & Renewables: From the streets of NYC to the California Power Grid
Paul Castrucci
Grayson Jordan
Paul Castrucci Architect
Wendy Brawer

Graham Irwin
Essential Habitat

To decarbonize our economy we need to harmonize renewable power generation and Passive House efficiency. In the urban context of NYC see how different scales, building uses and site conditions are being addressed. At the regional level, electric authorities from New York to California are forming the "new grid". See how Passive House can fit into this new landscape of energy arbitrage and help make a viable net zero energy future.

Los Angeles & Mexico City Get Passive
Marisa Egea
Xavier Gaucher

Passive House is global. A house retrofit and addition in Los Angeles and a retrofit in Mexico City, the first Certified Passive House in Mexico - demonstrate varied approaches and benefits of the standard in new climate contexts. Find out what makes them work.          

12:30pm Lunch

Government Buildings: Beautiful & Affordable
Dieter Herz
Herz & Lang
Mario Bodem

Governments, building for themselves to the Passive House standard, are often leading the way in local markets. Hear from two experienced practitioners that have delivered substantial government owned institutional buildings, from schools to court houses, in Bavaria and beyond. See the processes, systems, costs and results.

Residential Survey: New & Retrofit, City & Country
In Cho
ChoShields Studio

Bill LaBine
Airtight Services
Darren Macri
Bleu Nest
Ben Freed
David White
Right Environments

The home has been the mainstay of Passive House construction from its inception. See a wood frame retrofit from Western New York, a townhouse retrofit in New York City, a suburban home in New Jersey and a new home in the Hudson Valley. See a variety of details, systems and costs.

Blower Door Testing Big Buildings
Holger Merkel

bionic3 GmbH
Kevin Brennan
Brennan Brennan Air Tightness and Insulation

Further speakers to be announced...
Verifying the airtightness with a blower door in big buildings presents new challenges. Hear about tests that go very well and others that go badly. What are the important factors contributing to these outcomes and how can one best prepare for such testing and execute it successfully.




Multifamily in Pacific Northwest: Strategies, Data & Lessons Learned
Dylan Lamar
Green Hammer
Mike Steffen
Walsh Construction
Agustin Enriquez V
GBD Architects
Lizzie Adams

Oregon saw some of the first multifamily Passive House projects nationally. Lessons from two early projects will be reviewed, including the Kiln Apartments (19-unit, Market-Rate, 2014), and the Orchards at Orenco Station (57-unit, Affordable, 2015). We’ll review construction and HVAC details, their pros/cons, and discuss key lessons learned from design, construction, and through post-occupancy including shading/overheating. Measured vs modeled energy performance will also be highlighted.

Building Certification Pathways & Our Post Carbon Future
Lloyd Alter
Treehugger & Ryerson University
Jessica Grove-Smith
Passive House Institute
Jon Jensen
MaGrann Associates
Katrin Klingenberg
Brendan Owens
Amanda Sturgeon
International Living Future Institute
Reaching our post carbon future is job #1. Building energy efficiency programs are critical to success, yet there are a number of evolving options such as Energy Star, LEED, PHIUS+, Living Building Challenge and Passive House. A moderated panel discussion will explore their characteristics and how they might secure a post carbon world together.

The Data Tells The Story: Cost & Performance
Laura Nettleton
Thoughtful Balance
Jordan Goldman
Zero Energy Design

Passive House makes bold claims about affordability and predictability. This presentation will unpack the projections and the results for specific real world Passive House buildings ranging from multi-family retrofits to single family homes.

3:45pm Break

Cornell Tech Rises: A Progress Report On The World's Tallest Passive House
Arianna Sacks Rosenberg
Hudson Companies
Luke Falk
Related Companies
Deborah Moelis
Handel Architects
Lois Arena
Steven Winter Associates

The residential tower for the new Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island is topped-off, systems are being installed and the enclosure is being craned into place. Get a comprehensive update on the progress of the work to date and the challenges that still lay ahead.

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT): In The Country & City
Malcolm Isaacs
Tomaz Stich
Stas Zakrzewski
Z+H Architects
Matthew Lee
PW Lee Properties LLC

Cross-laminated timber construction in combination with Passive House performance is becoming the ultimate statement in sustainability and comfort. With completed homes in Eastern and Western Canada and a planned mid-rise multifamily building for Manhattan, find out what makes CLT Passive Houses cost effective and compelling.

Water & Air: Delivering Efficient Domestic Water and Fresh Air
James Bill
Zero Impact Architecture
Kara Rosemeier
Passive House Academy New Zealand

The domestic water and ventilation systems are critical to delivering Passive House performance but are often least understood.  Get into the details, options and strategies to make these essential systems as optimized as the enclosure.


Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks
5:15pm Reception & Expo

Conference Closes

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