Plus Box Challenge

Throughout the NAPHN 17 Conference in Oakland California visitors will be able to take part in the live public experiment pitting two approaches to construction against one another: Contemporary California vs Passive House.
The contest will follow on the popular ‘Plus/Minus Box’ challenge from the 20th annual Passive House Conference in Darmstadt Germany in 2016. Two boxes are built, same size, one window each. The envelope (insulation, air-tightness, insulation levels) of the first boxe meets the current California energy code while the other is constructed to meet the rigorous Passive House Standard. Each box will begin the competition with 500 lbs of ice and throughout the conference the weight of the ice will be measured as each slowly melts. Will the box built to Passive House standard end up with more or less ice than the code-built box? Does the Title 24 (part 6) compliant box have a chance? Can insulation and airtightness really make a difference in the California climate?
During the week of the conference, attendees can test their building science mettle by entering a raffle to predict how many pounds of ice will remain in the boxes at the end of the conference. The person submitting the closest result will win $500. Details will be announced at the Pacific Energy Center Pre-Conference Evening event.
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