The virtual conference is planned to be bigger and better!

In response to the social disruption, today, and for the foreseeable future, caused by the COVID-19 virus, the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) has chosen to not cancel its conference, Passive House 2020: Choose Your Future, but instead, will move it online as a virtual conference.

The conference will be the same dates as before, June 11-12, but now from noon to 6 pm EST, providing easy access coast-to-coast. Virtual project tours will follow on Saturday, June 13 and the conference workshops will follow the conference, in June and July.

Given the anxiety felt in this time of disruption we must stay healthy personally but also ask: How do we maintain our businesses? The Passive House movement? How can we grow our business relationships?

NAPHN is committed to supporting the viability and vibrancy of the Passive House market over the course of this nightmare - through the conference and, as well, through expanding online programming, and more.

“We can’t pause if we can help it.” said Bronwyn Barry, President of NAPHN, “It’s a drastically different world today, and we’re working to make our virtual conference a vital source of community support and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, as people find a more resilient pathway forward.”

Appropriately, the conference theme, “Choose Your Future”, is just such a call to action - to recognize the power of individuals to produce change and to build a movement; a call for us all to not forfeit our influence but to use it.