Scott Foster
Director of the Sustainable Energy Division for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

We are pleased to announce Scott Foster, Director of the Sustainable Energy Division for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, will be the keynote speaker at our annual North American Passive House Network Conference.  The announcement could not be more appropriate or timely as the U.S. withdraws from the Paris Climate Agreement.  The conference, taking place this year from October 4-8 in Oakland, CA, is themed “Passive + Renewable,” and will focus on widespread adoption of Passive House building strategies and bring together others who are continually committed to a post carbon all-renewable energy future. 

“Now more than ever, it’s critical for us to take climate action into our own hands at the local, regional and state levels.  I’m inspired by the work of the North American Passive House Network community who are already going well beyond code requirements to keep buildings from further impacting our climate balance.” – Scott Foster, UNECE

Scott brings a 30-year legacy of leadership in the energy field and a profound grasp of the critical role of building efficiency and renewable energy in combatting climate change. A native of California, he has garnered international respect for his expertise on energy market fundamentals and market design, including analysis and assessment of the major driving forces shaping demand, supply and price.

Scott will join us from Geneva on October 6 at the Opening Plenary and provide a framework for moving forward to meet the urgent need to reduce the carbon emissions of our built environment.  “We must have emotional intelligence when devising our approaches to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development…,” says Scott.  “What truly matters is that the collective outcome delivers the needed results.”

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